Friday, December 3, 2010


This is the season to reflect and be thankful, is it not? Thanksgiving and the Holiday rush is my favorite time of year. Maybe it's my age, the fact that I have children of my own, or perhaps a combination, but in the past few years I have been more reminiscent around this time of year than in years past. I have so many wonderful childhood memories of the Holidays from my youth. Most involve looooooooong road trips to Kansas City to visit my extended family. I used to look forward to those trips SO much! Mom (a health nut), never let us eat sugar. But on road trips, she would pack a paper grocery bag full of M&Ms, sugary cereals, licorice and other goodies. We could get into that bag and eat whatever we wanted to and we didn't have to ask! It was like a little slice of culinary heaven for the three of us kids.

As a mom, I can only hope that my own three will look back fondly one day and smile at memories that we are now creating for them. My family's traditions have transitioned from road trips to the lot of us gathered around the TV watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation while simultaneously quoting every punchline in unison. Good times. It's so much fun to see my kids' faces light us when we go see their grandparents for the Holidays and it's equally as entertaining to see my parents interact with my children as grandparents.

One BIG reason to be thankful this season is that we just got word back that all of John and Jossilyn's test results came back normal! Praise God! I finally got my act together and scheduled the tests, and now that is behind me. Jossilyn has been improving steadily as she has aged and seems to be normal now. We still need to get answers for John's condition, but I am so thankful that Hirschprungs and CF have been ruled out as causes.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for our family! It means so much to me.

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Bev Wilson said...

I'm not so sure I remember the loooooooog road trips as fondly as you do. I was too busy stuffing cookies into your mouths. I was just glad to get there. =) I love you! Mom