Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Grade!!!

I can hardly believe my “baby” started first grade this year. I remember first grade. I attended Aledo Elementary in Aledo, TX, in Mrs. Vandergriff’s class, and sat next to an adorable little red-head named Stefanie Casey. That little red-head and myself became inseparable as kids and are still friends to this day. (That's 27 years for those of you doing the math.) We now have 5 1/2 kids between us. Oh my.

It amazes me to think that John is now forming friendships that quite possibly could follow him throughout life. He’s making memories that will last a lifetime. It’s hard to believe how far we have come from those first months of life and now he's only 12 years from venturing out into the world on his own. My hope is that when he looks back on his childhood, these years we are in now, that he will smile and remember them fondly. I want these to be magical, care-free days of discovery and imagination. I am so proud of him and his tender heart.


Julie and Brian said...

Dear Blue-Maternity-Shirt-That-I-Wore-All-The-Time,

I'm glad Jeni is enjoying you because I was glad to get rid of you.


Shelley said...

He's adorable!! He looks rather proud in pic w/ John. Love the backpack!