Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Matt... and Me

August fourth was Matthew's fourth birthday! He is such a little man now. He is joyful... when he wants to be... and sour when he wants to be. He has an amazing sense of humor and makes me laugh every day. He is our family's comic relief for sure. He loves sports and watching the "spaceball game" with Daddy. (That's baseball to you and me.) Matthew is looking forward to playing soccer this fall and can't wait to be part of a team. He is also excited about starting Pre-K in September. He is desperate to be a big boy like his brother.

Matthew has a special place in my heart since he would not be here at all if his brother Jordan had not died. I often think that Matthew is Jordan's gift to us because I simply can't imagine my life without this happy, giggling, energetic, life-loving cuddle bug in it.

Here are pictures of Matt's "party". We didn't have a party in the traditional sense because we still don't really know anyone here, but my sister and brother-in-law were in town that week, so they joined in the festivities.

August 14 was my birthday. I turned 34 this year. *Gasp!* My father was quick to point out that the average life span of a woman is 72, so at 34 I have lived nearly half my life. Nice. I remember the days when daddy was encouraging and supportive.... =)

My mother-in-law was in town visiting that week, so she helped the boys make me a red velvet cake (my favorite) with cream cheese frosting and decorated it with sliced red licorice. The boys insisted that my cake have a candle We didn't have a #3 so we used the #4 from Matt's cake, since I turned 34, and just imagined the 3. I was so sick from the pregnancy, I really didn't care.

James took us all out for Texas Roadhouse (my favorite) so I didn't have to cook! Yummy!

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Happy birthday to both of you! You look great! Can't wait to hear if the intelligender test was right. I hope you can hold your food down again soon.