Friday, February 26, 2010

Life with Miss Jossilyn

Miss Jossilyn is now 10 days old and is just the apple of this entire family's eye. She is our little diva, our princess and the light of her Mommy and Daddy's lives. We love her. The boys have taken to her very well – especially John who was equally nurturing and adoring when his baby brother was born. Matthew has more of a "take her or leave her" attitude, but shows interest if and when he wants to.

My days are a blur of feedings, feedings and more feedings, while sandwiched in there somewhere I somehow manage to get the kids dressed and fed for school as well as a few other household chores. I'm healing up nicely from the c-section, but still in some pain. I bruised really badly from the surgery, which I did not do last time. The bruising is almost as painful as the incision! But I'm doing really well overall, and I'm working to get Joss settled into her Baby Wise
routine, as well as finding my own rhythm with three kids. We'll make it!

Jossilyn is proving to be a very easy baby! (I'm holding my breath until we're at least 3-4 weeks in.) She is
super laid back! So much so, that it's hard to believe she came from my body. I'm anything but laid back. She just goes with the flow and lets us hold her or move her around and she's completely unfazed. She has such a sweet personality (from what we can make of it at 10 days old) and loves to snuggle and be held close to the chest. She only cries when she needs something or if she needs a little extra help getting a bubble out. She loves to be rocked at night during nighttime feedings and her little eyes stare up at me while she's eating. As tired as I am, I can't help but stop and be awed by this little miracle that I prayed and longed for. She is absolutely precious.

My Mom stayed with us the first week and helped out with the boys. They were loving having Nonnie all to themselves! When Jossilyn came home from the hospital, they still demanded she read to them, even though her hands were a bit full. =)

When Jossilyn was 3 days old, we walked over to the park behind our house so the boys could play. She didn't mind being outside, but she hated the wind. I mean hated it.

We gave her her first bath. She did
not care for it. At all.


Rachelle said...

She is so sweet. Congrats!

Julie and Brian said...

I don't care what Jared says, I like the bows! (obviously)

Kerry C. said...

Too precious Jeni. Omigosh. Y'all did good ;-)