Saturday, February 21, 2009

I feel My Stress Level Rising...(sing-songy voice)

Well, the moving plans are coming along nicely! I have been SO busy attending to all the details. I had no idea I was capable of retaining this much information. After all, my brain has pretty much been useless since I had kids! Our house is beginning to look a lot like a junk yard with various piles strewn about, each with its own very important significance. The kids are picking up on my anticipation and enthusiasm and have been wild for about a week now. Seriously. There is no controlling them.

Our move date got pushed back a day, so now the plan is to pack on the 27th and 2nd, load the truck on the 3rd, clean the house on the 4th, and we fly out on the 5th. Geesh! I'm exhausted just thinking about it! James abandoned me this week for a "business trip" in DFW that I have a sneaking suspicion was not all about business. Every time I talked to him, he was "working hard" at various establishments around the Metroplex. Now he's suffering for the company in the comfort of his parents' home, being completely doted on and spoiled rotten by his Mama. Yeah, it's rough to be such a dedicated, hard working employee.

Matt decided that all my moving demands and being short one parental figure was not enough stress for Mommy, so he picked this week to come down with a 102˚ fever and other lovely symptoms. Thanks, Matthew! Poor Baby. He recovered quickly, though. Thank goodness for short viruses!!!
Thankfully, he's feeling much better now, but I can tell that his little body is still trying to recover. He's been sleeping a lot! And boy, can that kid sleep! I found him sleeping like this yesterday, and couldn't resist snapping a picture. I wasn't even aware that sleeping in this position was possible!
Yesterday, we attended the Cultural Faire at John's school. It was a really neat event that all the kids participated in. Each grade had a booth representing a different country and they all did presentations pertaining to that culture. John's class represented the Philippines and they did a Philipino cultural dance. John despised his costume and Matthew didn't help when he innocently asked John why he was wearing pajamas to the school faire.
To add insult to injury, notice the intricate lace work on the sleeves. John said he looked like a silly girl. I tried to encourage him, but I couldn't help laughing.... a little.
The kids did a fantastic job on the dance! They practiced for weeks and it really showed! I was so proud of John. He was more than a little unhappy about having to do the dance and even tried to convince me he was getting sick like Matthew, but in the end, he really stepped up and did great!

Here is a picture of my friend Marissa and me at the Faire. Do I look exhausted or what?!?


Bev Wilson said...

The pictures of John and Matt cracked me up! I can't wait to get them back to Texas where they can be little cowboys! Nonnie

Julie and Brian said...

I'm with John about the outfit - I think I actually have a similar shirt.