Sunday, April 5, 2009

Introducing... SCOOBY!

James and I have long said that as soon as we got back to Texas and were no longer renting a home, the first thing we would do is buy a dog. I have SO missed having a dog. True to our word, while we were in DFW, we placed a deposit on a gorgeous 10-day-old chocolate lab whom the boys lovingly named Scooby. Scooby's eyes weren't even open yet! Scooby has 10 brothers and sisters and if James had let me, I would have taken all of them. Puppies are the best! Here is a picture of our new family member. We can't wait until he is big enough to come home!!!

Here is a picture of Dolly, Scooby's Mommy, and Duke, the Daddy (with my Mom).

It got a little crazy at feeding time. I'm still not sure they all got to eat. Now I know the literal meaning of the phrase "dog eat dog world".

This little guy got his fill early on and decided to crash right then and there.

However, this ill-fated pup learned the hard way that sometimes it IS best to follow the crowd.


Bev Wilson said...

Ahhhh...nursing...the good ole days. On another note: IT IS SOOOO GOOD TO HAVE YOU HOME!!!!!!!! Love, Mom

Heather said...