Sunday, April 5, 2009

P.S. Beware of.... WHAT?!?

My family came out to visit the week of Spring Break and one afternoon while they were here, we stopped at a nearby park to play. It was a beautiful park with a nice bridge crossing onto the common area. Just outside the park grounds, there was a very large sign listing the park rules. For some reason, I stopped to read the rules, and what I read at the bottom of the sign took my breath away. The sign went a little something like this: No alcohol, dogs on leash, etc., etc., oh... P.S. Watch out for the alligators. Yes, I said alligators. SAY WHAT? My Dad and I were dumbfounded. I had NO idea there were alligators in Sugar Land. While I doubt that would have stopped me from moving here, it might have slowed me down a tad. After talking to some locals, we learned that alligators are seen in this area all the time. They told us to watch our dogs and small children. (!) Uh.... earthquakes are sounding pretty good right about now.

The rest of our day went well... no one got eaten... and I didn't see a single alligator. In fact, we went back today to tempt fate yet again because James was desperate for an animal encounter. I brought the camera along in case an opportunity came along to document his untimely demise. Here are a few highlights...

Texas Bluebonnets. Easily one of the top five reasons to live in Texas and clearly the reason God created the color blue.

My beautiful family...

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